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Monday, January 16, 2017

Flying Machines | Flying Machines

by Stamish Malcuss

Flying Machines, Flying Machines
Pictor Records Pic 001

A busy sideman, you most likely have seen the name Alex Munk cropping up on recent CDs, a guitarist on the move and considered the upcoming generation of young jazz artists.  Collaborations of recent British recordings by Trish Clowes, Ivo Neame, Reuben Fowler and Matt Anderson are among the names of his recent endeavors.  The time is finally here for his debut recording as leader, which features his electric quartet Flying Machines, that formed in 2014 and it shows great promise for the future of this burgeoning ensemble.   Munk displays his ingenuity both as improviser and composer drawing on the lyricism of Pat Metheny and the fusionistic ideals of Wayne Krantz, occasionally reminiscent of the Neil Cowley Trio, the music is filled with spontaneity, fervor and just enough edge to not drive it over the edge of a limited only audience. Munk's music is deceptively simple, yet assertive and direct enough to give the listener plenty of stimulating twists and turns. A recommended listen by a group I am sure will continue to make waves in the years to come. I for one will be listening.

Players: Alex Munk (g), Matt Robinson (p, syn, Fender Rhodes), Conor Chaplin (b) and Dave Hamblett (d).


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