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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Asa Trio, Craning

by Jeff Becker

Asa Trio, Craning (Sunny Sky; 2014)

Asa Trio emerged onto the scene in 2014 with their release Craning, from a young Icelandic trio. I know I am a bit late to the party, but this is such a compelling release, it merits coverage.

Craning melds and highlights each members strengths that have been exemplified in their solo projects. A textural masterpiece from the romantic folkish opener "Something To Make You Change Your Mind," which is ethereal and instantly an easy listen. This extends to the gospel-tinged "Green Door" in which Magnusson's organ lays a sure footed palate of emotions that captures the listener.

Though many may refer to Asa Trio as an organ trio, in truth, they are more like a cohesive unit versus individuals in a trio.  Thor and McLemore both shine throughout, individually on latter portions of session, which I might add turn quite funkified ("On Pluto" and "What Was I Thinking").

Craning is a superb debut, gleaning original material from what is now a veteran trio.  Highly recommend.


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