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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ukiah's Lullaby, Truly Delightful

Ukiah's Lullaby
Review By: Jeff Becker
Purchase Link: CD Baby
Personnel: Anson Wright (guitar)
Tim Gilson (bass)

More so than any other type of ensemble a duet is about chemistry, communication and nuances, Anson Wright and Tim Gilson create a fabric of beauty, vivid colorations and intimate, intuitive offerings through each composition on
Ukiah’s Lullaby.

Wright’s tone is full, round and inviting, the type of tone that is only created by years spent with an instrument. Wright’s ability to balance technical prowess with beauty is truly the pearl within this timeless recording. Gilson’s sensitivity to Wright is clearly evident within each composition; the duet has created a sound that is large, textural and conversational.

I could endlessly banter on about the technical competence of this recording and analyze which cut might be more outstanding than the next, but truthfully Ukiah’s Lullaby is a thoughtful intelligent collection of well conceived, powerful, yet relaxed originals sure to please even the most discerning connoisseur, and to pick one cut over the other would lessen the overall message of this complete offering. Wright and Gilson demonstrate a mature confidence, a keenly honed kinship and a thoroughly musical experience, a disc well worth any price to add to your collection of jazz favorites.